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We are a group of people united by the pleasure of training out in the open. Our goal is not to sell products such as the "perfect body", weight loss programs or any other specific training program for that matter. Our goal is to provide and guide people through the pleasant process of outdoor group training and all the benefits that come along with it. The group in Shanghai is led by André Sousa, but only exists thanks to the participation of everybody.  Check our video from the group in Lisbon below.


In 2013 a couple of guys that looked like 80s Hollywood action movie stars (or at least wanted to), decided to start working out in the streets of Lisbon to avoid the often too clustered and repetitive environment of the gym. Fresh air always felt a lot more welcoming. Through the development and use of partner resisted exercises, the main type of exercises used in our training sessions, we found out we only needed each other to do a hard enough workout. A few years after, we formed the official Outduros group in Lisbon. They are probably training (or at least thinking about it) as you read these lines. The group was created and is currently managed by André Sousa and João Magalhães, who had the vital help of a lot of people that you can find in the Hall of Fame.